Figurative language project by: William Tunny

A hyperbole is an exaggeration.

It was so cold that the snow got frostbite.

A onomatopoeia is a sound like CRASH, or KAPOW.

A simile is a comparison that uses "like" or "as".

He is as cute as a baby tiger.

An idiom is A group of word whose collective meaning is quite different from their individual, literal meaning.

Your the apple of my I.

A personification is when someone gives human qualities nonhuman things.

The car yelled my name.

An allusion is a reference to a person place, place, or event from literature, sports, history, movies, of the arts

Books are an adventure waiting to happen.

An alliteration is the same initial consonant sound in series of words.

Billy-Bob baked banana bread before bed.


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