Open source simulators collaborative online system MODELLING


In this online training toolkit you will discover the capabilities of our Pywr and Pyenergy open source simulators. The training is made of several sessions that will introduce you in water and power system modelling using our web interface.


The training contains a series of sessions that you will need to complete depending on your area of interest when using our open source simulators in the web interface. If you would like to gain more skills in water system modelling then click in the 'Water' links below. Those interested in power system modelling will have to follow the 'Energy' sessions. Or you can consider completing both! The last session no. 4 will cover the material about integrated water-energy modelling.

  1. A tour in the interface - Water / Energy
  2. Creating, building and extending your own model - Water / Energy
  3. Practice with generic examples - Water / Energy
  4. Practice with real case studies - Water / Energy
  5. Integrated water-energy system modelling

How to create an account and login

This video details how to create an account and login in the web interface. Please, let us know what email have you used in the login by contacting gloria.salmoral@manchester.ac.uk. This will allow us to share a series of project examples in the online web interface.


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