Multimodal presentation By Miguel Santiago


In this section I will be talking about what I need to do for my multimodal task, the components that I will be analysing and coming up with a solution to add "health" mechanics to the UFO game.


This part will be about the definitions of each "sections" however I came up with these definitions and are all based on what I have learned


In this section I will be the PlayerController script and how it will help me with my solution


In this section I will be talking about my solution to adding "health" mechanics to the UFO game.


I will be evaluating how I did my project and outside influences that helped me complete my project


This is the last section. I hope all of the videos helped you and thank you for listening

Script that I used for conclusion

Created By
Miguel Santiago


Created with images by FredCintra - "Control is an Option to Command" • Pexels - "code code editor coding" • Hans Engel - "end." • markusspiske - "laptop notebook computer"

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