volleyball by: Kloi Austin

We are learning volleyball in physical fitness and how to do things correctly. When working on serving, it is meticulous.

So for starters, the underhand serve, it is simple. Hold the ball below the waist and above the knee so that with bent knees. . Make a fist with the thumb over the folded fingers. The right hand should make contact with the underside of the ball, and the point of contact is on the palm side of the right hand, bring the right arm back and swing through to make contact with the ball and send it over the net.

Next off, the overhand serve, it is also very simple, Hold the ball at about eye-level with your left hand on the bottom and your right hand on top. Toss the ball with your left hand. Pull back your right arm as far as possible and swing—but not all the way through. Stop the motion of your right arm when your hand contacts the ball, as if you’re punching the ball to the other side of the net, and don’t snap your wrist. This serve allows the ball to float and wiggle in the air.


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