Mimosa National Park Middle Beach

by Eva van Gorsel, December 2020

"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean."

- Arthur C. Clarke

It's the end of 2020, this very strange year, that in Australia was dominated by fires and smoke and globally by the pandemic. It's said that salt water heals about everything - and we wanted to let go of that year with a visit to the coast. It's not that easy to find a spot in a National Park now. Many have burned and visitor numbers are limited due to Covid. We were very lucky to get a spot in Middle Beach in Mimosa National Park, NSW.

In the afternoon we went for a walk and found a few beautiful rock formations. We decided to come back a little before sunset to photograph the last light on the rocks.

We spent the afternoon exploring the nearby lagoon and following Sandy Creek as far as we could get. It was very peaceful, there was lots to see and observe so naturally we lost track of time. Only by running back to those rock formations...

...was it possible to capture just that very last little bit of light that lit the knob on top of the rock.

we decided we would have another attempt on the second and final evening we could spend there and

walked back to the campsite, catching the last light of the day...

We watched the sun set, prepared some nice dinner and had a relatively early night. The sound of nearby frogs and the waves made for a good lullaby. We had the alarm set so we would not miss the sunrise - my very favourite time of the day:

We headed to some other rock formations we had spotted the day before

There were many rock pools
and the light in the clouds was gorgeous.
It also did it's magic on the rocks.

Once the sun was up we started heading back to the campsite for coffee and breakfast but took a few more pictures on the way

To me mornings carry the promise of the day.
They are gentle - and you usually have the world or at least the beach to yourself!

...and a last picture before breakfast:

I can never resist a nice tree in good light...

We spent the day with walks along the coast line.

There were more interesting rock formations to discover.
They were interesting for their shapes and colours and because you can see what the forces that had acted on the land did to shape them.

We found a wonderful spot to sit and take the views in. How exiting and amazing it must have been to spend time in 'the barn', an incredible teepee with the most incredible sod roof, built in the 1960s.

We spent some time in the forest..
..found some Banksia men
...and other inhabitants of the woods.

we walked back along some minimalist coastline

this time IN time!

...to get the interesting shadows and the last light on the rocks!

was it worth it? Oh, yes! It probably wasn't all that much better than it was in the first place - but I would not want to miss a single sunset at the beach. Would you?


eva van gorsel