PLANS that produce fruit that lasts

Missional Man

What plans have you got on the go at present? What is it that motivates or determines what you do? Are the things you plan the expression of Jesus in you? Do you set out on a path because you have the mind of Christ? We don't live in a generic God. Being immersed in the culture of Christianity will not do. All have the potential to acknowledge that Jesus lives in us. Is He being you? Are you hearing His voice? This is not something esoteric. It's the normal of our new covenant union with God.

Fruitful plans are the result of the Spirit of God blended with your spirit and soul. Blended because in Jesus, you and Father have become one.

The Lord gives us His spirit and life not because we are amazingly holy but because we have made Him our life. We may be not very holy at all. Yet because we rely in Him in spite of ourselves we are graced with His authority and life-changing power. The words about Jesus, 'He had authority and not as the scribes' means He had authority much greater than the religious.

The Lord gives people life-giving words to speak with His authority. Speaking spirit and life is different to just speaking. It's also different to just living. You can sense His spirit and life flowing through you if Christ is your life. In this age He lives in us. Heaven lives in us. Recently a pastor with whom I have spent time, related how the Lord had indicated to him in a dream that it was time to enter a new village. The people would be ready to receive the message of Jesus. My friend did so and found open doors as the Lord said there would be. This is not the province of the pious. Or the legalist. It's the normal of the son who is one with our Father and filled with His Spirit.

Delight in being your real self

With Christ as your life, you will be you and not someone else and not a false self put together from surrounding externalities. As the expression of Jesus you will come into your glory in the fruitfulness that belongs to your design.

There's a difference between ministry in the Spirit of Christ compared to random acts of religion; between living out of the instruction of Jesus and doing things because we think they might be a good idea at the time. A personal life lived in the person of Jesus will bear much fruit. You interwoven with the trinity will multiply much fruit. But we need to be clear. We are not rooted in God because we are active Christians. We are rooted in God because Christ is our life. Many Believers embark on a scheme of manic activity because they are not rooted in God. They have not been born again and live in independence of His person while claiming His name. They are not bad people. Just in a cul-de-sac of their own making. If Mary's Christianity produces much fruit. Martha's Christianity produces very little. Mots of us is not spirit and life.

Flesh and lifelessness is the product of old covenant mindsets.

It is difficult to be a lover as an expression of the law. Rules are abstractions. Persons are love. God is love and this love describes the relationship of the trinity. When Christ is our life this relationship is in you and you are in this relationship. You are life and love. Not just an idealogue.

As a little child you know yourself and you see the Kingdom come out of your person.

A first step in fruitfulness is humility. So why are you doing what you are doing? Do you need to be noticed? Is it important to make a name for yourself? Do you feel the need to be accepted by those you think carry weight in the church? Are you linking with people and scratching their back so that they will scratch yours - and all the while telling yourself you are developing community? Is your ministry about Jesus or about you? Are you living in confusion, flapping about in random acts of religion when you could be a living extension of His heart right now? All we ever need to be is ourselves in Christ. Jesus considered Himself of no reputation, yet He was all in all. We are who we are and fruitful as ourselves when hidden in Christ. We will multiply His life when we are dead and His life is our life. His life will flow from us when we are joined to the Father through the Son and the Holy Spirit. Beware the deceitfulness of the soul and the influence of false prophets.

To be yourself without artifice is to come into your glory as a fruitful daughter or son

'Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God's love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God' Eph 3.17-19.

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