Forgiving My Dad By Tyler arsenault

I was in Woonsocket in Social Park with my friend that I had known since I was a baby. We were walking around the park trying to find something to do. The park was run down , it was dirty , so we decided to go to the pond. There are always frogs on the edge of the pond. When you get too close they all hop back into the pond, but sometimes there a few that stay behind. We were determined to catch a frog. We were happy running around chasing the frogs when my friend and I went searching for the ones that stayed behind I found a whole group of them.

I shouted to him to come over and help me catch them. He picked one up and I started laughing because the frog he picked up peed on his hands. He didn't notice until I said “ the frog peed on your hands look” he started to scream and dropped the frog. We started to chase them away from the water to catch them, eventually we got one. My friend looked at me and we both said to each other and we ran as fast as we could to my house so we could put it into my fish tank.

When I got home it was around 6:00 pm I was about 6 or seven years old when this all happened. I put the frog in my fish tank along with the other fish that were in the tank. At around 6:30 my dad and I went to the pet store to get more fish to add to our fish tank. Then my dad saw a freshwater shark he wanted to add to the tank completely forgetting that we have a frog in the tank now. So we bought the fresh water shark , we put it into the tank and within a few seconds the shark was attacking my frog. It took a few minutes but the shark stopped attacking Frank. We tried to take the shark out of the water but it went for the frog again. The shark ended up killing the frog, I got really sad and started throwing a tantrum.

The shark had killed all the fish in the fish tank. So we emptied the fish tank and my dad brought me to the pet store after I being mad for about a week and a half. We ended up buying a African Fat Tailed Gecko. I got really happy when we got the lizard. When I got home I set up the fish tank so it could hold him and be like an actual habitat for the lizard. I ended up forgiving my dad for what had happened with my frog.

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