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Forum Overview

The Forum was established in 1974 as the principal student-faculty organization of the Upper School with the intent that it serves as a student/faculty government. The Forum is charged with representing the interests of all elements of upper school life (students, faculty, administration and parents) and is expected to play a significant role in the decision-making process as it concerns issues that arise out of the day-to-day life of the Upper School. This may include advise to the upper and all-school administration, issues of climate in the upper school, overseeing clubs and other organizations of a co-curricular nature, and other responsibilities as requested by the school's administration or implied by the Forum Constitution.

How does the Forum work?

Members of the Forum are elected at the end of every school year (Freshman representatives are elected in September). There will be three officials elected from each grade, as well as the Junior and Senior class presidents. Every decision within the board is put to a vote, with a majority necessary to go forward with any action. Within the Forum, there are four committees that are each in charge of different tasks. The four committees and their purposes are as follows:

1. Ways and Means Committee-(Chaired by the Student Body President: Drew Anderson '17) Oversees all of Forum's meetings, responsible for the agenda, and all activities planned throughout the year (Club Fair, Blood Drive, Fall Feast, etc...), also any special projects or issues that come up throughout the year are referred to this committee.

2. Governance Committee-(Chaired by the Faculty Co-Chair of Forum: Mr.Sachs ) Oversees Forum calendar, elections, clubs chartering, club approval, constitution, and bylaws.

3. Finance Committee-(Chaired by the Treasurer/Chief Financial officer of Forum: Fatiya Kedir '17) Oversees Forum's finances, funding requests, fundraising, scholarship and budget.

4. Communications Committee -(Chaired by the Secretary/Communication Director of Forum: Ben Lee '19) Oversees Forum's communication with other organizations, announcements in bulletin and assembly, minutes from our meetings, moodle site, bulletin board & Spectrum column.

What can the Forum do for you?

"The Forum will deal with issues that rise out of the day-to-day school life. When a situation necessitates the deliberation of an additional decision-making body, the Forum will make recommendations to the appropriate body of call for the creation of said body." -Forum Constitution, Article II

The Forum has a variety of powers to help address the needs of the student body. The Forum does tasks including, but not limited to, approving clubs, creating policies (such as the new poster policy), creating initiatives such as Jamba Juice Wednesdays or the outdoor lounge, organizing elections, coordinating events such as the Blake-Breck dance, etc. In addition, the Forum has the power to grant funds to clubs from the Forum budget for events, general club activities, and trip support. If there is an initiative you would like the Forum to tackle, make a suggestion in the suggestion box. If you wish to start a club or request funds for an existing club, go the Forum resources page.


Along with chartering clubs, the Forum monitors and works with clubs continuously to help support their long-term achievement. This includes providing financial support, working with clubs to organize and approve events, and checking up on the progress of clubs. Here is a complete list of all clubs chartered by the Forum as of the 2016-2017 school year.


Minutes are detailed notes of everything that happens in Forum meetings. The minutes are written by the Communications Director of Forum (currently Ben Lee '19) or another member of the Communications Committee if the Communications Director is unavailable.

Current Student Representatives

  • Drew Anderson '17 (Student Body President)
  • Cameron Downey '17 (Senior Class President)
  • Fatiya Kedir '17 (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Hannah Klein '17
  • Charlie Ankeny '18 (Junior Class President)
  • Campbell Morrison '18
  • Connor Yu '18
  • Sam Gelb '18
  • Ben Lee '19 (Communication Director)
  • Hazel DeHarpporte '19
  • Lane Lipschultz '19
  • Rosa Gerdts '20
  • Joe Gustaferro '20
  • Rohan Ajmani '20


The Forum is most effective when we are able to meet the needs of the student body. This is best achieved through an open dialogue and honest feedback. If you have any suggestions or concerns about the Blake community that you wish for us to address, please leave a suggestion!

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