White Tail Deer Macey And jack

The population increases because of immigration, more deer are coming into the community and the deer are reproducing faster therefore is causing more births.

At the top of the graph the population starts to slow down and more deer are emigrating out and some deer are starting to die as they reach the carrying capacity.

As the graph increase its because more deer are being produced and more resources are becoming available for animals who prey on deer therefore there populations will start to increase and so forth. As you can see towards the top of the graph they hit their carrying capacity and resources start to become limited as a result of that, some deer will start to die.

The competition for food is causing the population to start to decrease and is density dependent.

Density Dependent- Bears are a common predator of white tailed deer, along with lions and wolves.

Density Independent- this drought effected the deer all around this environment by limiting there resources including water.

Density Independent- Floods effects habitats because as you can see it completely corrupts there habitats and limits their resources.


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