Retrieval Practice Exhibit #3

For this exhibit I will be choosing three studying techniques to use that I feel I have not fully used properly: quizlet, flashcards, and mind maps. Each study technique will be used for a different exam or quiz.

Quizlet: I will use quizlet for my Packaging 2020 exam number 2. The purpose of quizlet is to create your own study sets, in which you input things. The input is in a term and definition setting. Most of the information need for the exam will be fill in the blank or understanding. There are multiple settings for quizlet, which need to be used to the fullest. This means I will use the flashcard, learn, match, and test settings to try and completely learn and understand the information. I will start by inserting all of my data into quizlet in terms and definitions forms, once that is done I will utilize the flashcard setting until I know them all in random order. After that I will use the learn setting which terms them into fill in the blank question and go until I can get them right. After that I will finally use the test setting, where it turns the set into questions in multiple formats and I will also do this until I can get it 100% right. I plan to study for this exam for roughly around 10 hours, dividing it up into two 1-hour sessions everyday for five days before the exam. I plan to completely the flashcards then do the flashcards and completely the learn category, then do the flashcards and the learn and complete the test function, and finally doing all three the day before the exam to review.

Flashcards: These will be created for my Econ 2110 exam 1. The process of flashcards is a two-sided method where information is in context on one side and content in the other. This makes it where eventually you can identify the content from the context and the context from the content. The simplest way to learn from flashcards is repetition going thru them over and over until you can get them right. The greatest advantage to flashcards is that they practice both active recalling. I plan to make flashcards for all the highlighted material that is presented below, and separate them into chapters. I plan to divide the study over five days with about two hours a day and learn a chapter a day. With the final day being a review session of everything. Going over what was learned the next before learning more that day. The chapter is also not considered learned until you can identify context or content in random order.

I seem to have misplaced the flashcards I made so I just up loaded the notes I used to make them

Mind Map: This will be created for my Packaging 2020 exam number 1. A mind map is used to portray ideas in a related manner with a central idea that other things branch off of. This shows the hierarchy of things and how they are all related to each other in a very organized manner. To use mind maps effectively I am going to use it to organize the process of making plastic bottles. Beginning with the ingredients needed and ending with the final product and all the steps in between. In order to study for this I will print blank outlines of the mind map and fill them out over and over again until I can complete it from memory. This will be done over the course of three days for about two hours a day before the exam. The first day will consist of just reciting and copying the original mind map over and over again. The second day will be trying to fill out the blank outline until I can and third day will be doing that over and over again correctly.

Quizlet: Before 100, After 85

Flashcards: Before 79, After 87.5

Mind map: Before 85, 100

Reflection: Normally for exams I would procrastinate rather hard and end up studying only either the night before or two nights before. By studying I mean I would just constantly reread my notes and highlight sections that I think are important and going over those the most. This would more times than not result in a failure, a C, or a low B. This exhibit made me change things up requiring me to use study techniques and more time management. I felt that all of the techniques I used: quizlet, flashcards, and mind map all worked rather well for me. All three resulted in rather good grades on my exams especially when I used the mind map. I actually saw a major boost in my confidence before the exam with all three, I felt that I had retained more information and when I was studying I didn’t feel rushed and would take my time trying to learn the material. For all three I would say that compared to exams taken in the past I saw an improvement in my grade. Before the exams I got the normal pre exam butterflies but when I actually starting taking the exams I felt very confident because I was getting the answer right off the bat without hesitation. The easiest techniques for me to grasp and do well on were flashcards and mind maps because I learned the material the quickest. Quizlet worked well but I think I big reason it didn’t work as well is because I didn’t have to put anything in actual writing, which I think greatly helps my studying. From here on out I think my studying will be changed after this experience. I will one hundred percent space my studying out over a longer period rather than cramming and will continue to use mind maps, flash cards, and quizlet for material that applies to each. Hopefully incorporating all three every time I study.


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