The Early Days of the colony of New South Wales:Charlie jones Charlie jones

The First Fleet arrived in New South Wales on the 26th of January 1788 Life was harsh for the convicts and free settlers in the early days of the colony of New South Wales

Food was hard to share with all of the people that came on the First Fleet. they tried to grow crops but it failed because the ground was so they tried again but it also failed so they had to give the people even less food.

The colony brought the diseases that aboriginals did not no about.The diseases were so bad that the diseases spreaded really fast and killed a lot of the aboriginals some of the diseases were could small pox and chicken pox.

They had tools that could chop little trees but the tools could not shop big trees like they needed for the they had to have parts that were walls and parts that were tent.The other tools were also really weak and could not do all of the things that they needed like digging the hard ground.

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