My Gowan Pamphlet photojournal By: amelia resnick

This tool is an Adze. It was introduced by the Powhatan and is used to cut and shape wood. It is made of a wooden handle and a metal head.

This outdoor exhibit is called Yahakin. It provided shelter and a place to sleep. This tells me about how the Pohattens lived. These structures were made out of woven mats or straws. Inside, on the frame of the house, there were small trees bent over to relate a stable structure that sill bends with the wind.

Today I went to the tin shop. I usually go there to get coffee pots, lanterns, cups and much more. They have great kitchen supplies for when I have company. It is a very nice shop and is affordable. When I walk in I see all the products overflowing the shop. There were tinsmiths all around hammering the tin into all types of shapes. You can either order something and pay in advanced then they would make it for you or you can just buy something already made from the tinsmith.

Today I went to the Mr. Geddy's silversmith shop. I was very lucky to even get sneak a peak of the parlor which is the entertainment room though the window. It looked very grand. There was a table with cards and board games and there was even a harpsichord. Unfortunately, due to my status, this is not a house that I would be able to visit. Although I didn't get a look at any other rooms in the house, this one was beautiful and I'm sure it would be one of my favorites.

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