Mt. Rainier, Tacoma Washington By: Dyasia Ford

Latitude: 46 degrees 51' 10" N

Longitude: Longitude: 121 degrees 45' 37" W

Location: Tacoma, Washington

3 summits and 26 major glaciers

1411 ft tall and 14392 meters


First: early 1800s (not quite known)

Most Famous: Not recently erupted but in 1894 (more famous for its beauty than eruption/destruction)

Last: 1894


Mt. Rainier has two craters. They are both over 1,000 feet around. There is also a small crater lake that can be found and that is 130 feet long and it has a 16 foot depth. But it is under ice.

Stratovolcano/Composite Volcano

Eruption Info of mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier during eruption
Mt. Rainier is a Stratovolcano
(Last One says Volcano Formed)
Parts of a volcano
Magma chamber

General Description/In conclusion: Mt. Rainier is a very deadly volcano but it hasn't erupted in a very long time . If it were to erupt many people would die. Due to the volcano not erupting for some time now it is known for its bueaty rather its destruction. Surrounding the volcano is many trees and big/populted cities such as Seattle. There are also lakes, wildlife, and beautiful plants. The snow of the volcano is produced by the volcano which produces its own weather. I am glad that I got to have the experience of making a volcano and presenting a presentation about it.

Created By
Dyasia Ford

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