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iTwin Services let you create, visualize, and analyze your digital twins of infrastructure projects and assets. You can federate digital engineering content from BIM design tools and multiple data sources, enable immersive visualization of digital twins, and capture engineering change along a project and asset timeline. Here’s what’s new with iTwin Services.

iTwin Design Review

iTwin Design Review facilitates faster design review sessions. It enables practitioners to initiate ad hoc design reviews in a hybrid 2D/3D environment, as well as project teams working on digital twins to conduct design reviews and multidiscipline design coordination. You can mark up and comment directly on elements of 3D models and switch between 2D and 3D views without leaving the 3D environment, as well as visualize digital twins and capture engineering change along the timeline of the project, providing an accountable record of who changed what and when.

iTwin Design Review facilitates faster design review sessions and better design coordination.

iTwin Design Validation

iTwin Design Validation checks the completeness and quality of BIM data, which is critical for reducing risk and generating actionable insights. iTwin Design Validation allows you to define and apply standards—such as the right classification and availability of data, which may be contractually required—and systematically run checks on engineering designs. You can also perform clash detection between different disciplines and between different design categories, such as equipment and pipes. The application lets you conduct validation tests in a cloud environment and run these tests on any previous versions of the digital twin. Validating the completeness and quality of design data ensures that your digital twin is ready for its intended purpose and enables insights for better decision-making.

iTwin Design Validation checks the completeness and quality of BIM data.

iTwin Design Insights

iTwin Design Insights gives you the analytics visibility to understand the implications of your design decisions on cost, schedule, quantity take-off, safety, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) early in the project. iTwin Design Insights let you identify hotspots with the most changes over a specific time period—an early indicator of potential discipline clashes and project risk. iTwin Design Insights offers you an easy way to create business intelligence dashboards for digital twins. It integrates with Microsoft Power BI, offering a way for you to create personalized live dashboards.

iTwin Design Insights visualizes key performance indicators like cost, schedule, and quantity.


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