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Who Are We?

The Italian Club is a club where students who have an interest in learning what the Italian culture is about especially the different customs and traditions get to learn in a fun way. This club is very special to many people because it allows people to share their passion for the culture and find people who share that love. People who have taken italian typically join the club but it should be said that everyone is welcome to join and just learn the wonders of Italy.

Meet Our Board!

President: Angela Valdivia, 12th

Vice-Presidents: Michaela Torres, 12th

Treasurer: Andrea Suarez, 12th

Secretary: Juan Calderon, 11th

Historian: Sabrina Bonavita, 11th

Join Us At Our Monthly Meetings

The Italian Club meets every third Thursday of the month at 2:45 p.m. Ms. Chase provides the zoom link prior to the meeting on Teams.

We are still accepting new members and they can reach out to us through the Italian Club instagram (@gablesitalianclub) or through Ms. Chase.

What is The Italian Club Known For?

Prior to Covid-19, Italian Club would host fun different activities such as making pasta in the cooking room, playing Italian card games, eating pizza, getting a taste of a traditional Christmas snack and our Banquet. We have different activities for this year because of the circumtances. However, this should not discurage students in joining. It is still such an amazing way to learn about the Italian culture. Our club is continuing to grow slowly and we welcome any student!

We Hope To See Your At Our Next Monthly Meeting!

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Stephanie Andrade