World No Tobacco Day LSD DAV Public School, Pilkhuwa

What we need to burn on daily basis is Negativity inside us as well as around and not Tobacco.

Happy World No Tobacco Day

The difference we make, big or small, it does not matter, if the youth strive in earnest the bright future is certain.

With this in mind, we are engaged with our students wholeheartedly to make them responsible, sensible & accountable citizens of society. The relationship between teachers & students is most important for any school. This bond lays the strong foundation for every child's growth in DAV Pilkhuwa. Children are the precious treasures of society; they are a mirror reflecting the future. It is our duty to make them aware of the disadvantages of tobacco & it's effect on health. Even in the midst of these challenging times, our students volunteered to prepare creative posters and placards with a clear message -Say no to Tobacco. Hope you enjoy the glimpse of the activities organised on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day.

Have a nice & safe day.

Monika Sharma


World No Tobacco Day

Every year on 31st May, the World Health Organisation & Global partners celebrate World No Tobacco Day. This annual campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness on the harmful & deadly effects of tobacco use & second-hand smoke exposures, and to discourage the use of tobacco in any form.

The theme of World No Tobacco Day- 2021 is:---

"Quit Tobacco to be a Winner".

International Recognition- 2021

We are the Proud Indians

Madhya Pradesh Voluntary Health Association bagged the prestigious award from the World Health Organisation, for the year 2021.

The WHO annually organizes this event to acknowledge individuals or organizations, in each of the six selected regions for their activities in in the area of tobacco control

According to a press release from WHO, MPVHA won the award in the South East Asia Region category for its efforts in tobacco prevention and control.

MPVHA is the first civil society organization in India that has received this prestigious award.

Our Pride- MPVHA

Ray of Hope

The government of Punjab has observed November 1st as No Tobacco Day is an effort to discourage tobacco use in the state

Our Sincere Endeavors........
The Symbol of our Strength
Atharva Tomer- Nursery- Don't Use Tobacco.
Our little ones stand tall against TOBACCO
Our struggle to protect 21st century,OUR CENTURY ,The Century of Healthy life has begun
Jhalak Mittal - X C
Rachit Sharma - VII A
Akshara - VII
Bhavya Mittal - IX A
Vanshika Gupta- X C
Smrita Chauhan, X C
Akshara Mittal - X C
Palak MIttal- X A
We are Learning to Lead the World
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