Landslides By: Roger Yang, Yixi Liu,Gordon Huang, and Joshua Choi

What are Landslides?



All "Massive Landslides Caught On Camera" below!

Landslides are when large amount of debris or mud and dirt collapses from mountains and slides down to lower ground. Landslides can destroy crops, causing food shortages. But mostly Landslides will destroy human property.

How are Landslides formed?


The forming of landslides are listed here.

First, pressure is pushed onto higher ground.

Second, the higher ground starts collapsing to lower ground while moving at a high velocity.

Finally, the landslide stops at the bottom of the hill or mountain, usually destroying many things along the way.

There is a warning system for landslides. It works when a system measures the water level in the ground, how high slopes are, and finally the stability of hills and potential landslide areas. Then using a three-dimensional mathematical model it evaluates potential for a landslide. A warning message is then sent to a website and also to civilian smartphones.

Strongest Landslides



1987-Val Pola




A landslide

Extra Facts

Every year , people lose about 1 billion dollars because of structural and property damaged due to landslides.


Created By
Gordon Huang, Roger Yang Eason Liu, Joshua Choi


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