My Official Endorsement Olivia Dunham

Yana is the correct choice for this upcoming school board election. Her values are strong and well informed, and the team that surrounds her is intelligent and well spoken. She does not come off like a people pleaser, but rather strong in her opinion which means what you are voting for is what you will get. The other candidate’s seemed like puppets for their own team’s scattered goals. In the interview, Yana knew exactly what she believed and didn’t need a script or prompts from her team. What you hear from Yana is how she will perform. In her primary interview, she said that she was a “voice for the student.” Yana is not pretending to be something she is not, she knows the life of the student and will successfully represent them in the school board. Her team is articulate compared to the other candidate’s employees as well, showing that she will bring people like her into our school system. She knows how to pick a good crew and has standards. I am overall very impressed with her and believe that she is the correct choice for our school system and all the people within it.

Olivia Dunham, Peelyr

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