"Who was Blackbeard?" by James Buckley Jr. November/December 2016 AR Biography activity

"His vessel was equipped with cannons that sent iron balls smashing into the fragile sides of wooden ships. Only a brave few would dare to challenge him and his ferocious crew. If speedy care be not taken they would become formidable....Our government can make no defense, wrote philadelphia merchant James Logan."(pg.4)

Based upon the context clues,"formidable" means to cause dificulty.

"If a ship's captain wanted to become a privateer,he asked for a letter of marque. A letter of marque was a government license. It gave the captain-a ordinary civilian-permission to attack and capture enemy ships."(pg.11)

Based upon the context clues,"marque" means a letter of approval.

"In the 1500s, English and French pirates called buccaneers sailed the caribbean sea. They took the name buccan, a native american word for how the men cooked the meat they ate on their ships."(pg.16)

Based upon the context clues"buccaneers" mean any pirate.

"Scurvy is a disease caused by lack of vitamin C. It was very common in the 1600s and 1700s,when sailing ships were far from land for weeks and months at a time." (pg.20)

Based upon the context clues "Scurvy" means a lack of vitamin C.

"Though pirates have became famous for looting treasure,most of what they stole was not very exciting."(pg.24)

Based upon the context clues "looting" means to rob of goods or values.

"Even though he had never been a sailor, he built a ship, found a crew and headed toward the American colonies in search of ships to plunder." (pg.30)

Based upon the context clues "plunder" means to dispoil.

"He had spent several hours with teach and gave the first description of this now successful pirate. "The captain ...was a tall spare man with a very black beard which he wore very long." (pg.38)

Based upon the context clues "description" means to describe how someone looks.

"The dreaded Blackbeard became the america's number one enemy. The news that he had taken control of one of it's busiest ports had reached England."(pg.59)

Based upon the context clues "dreaded" means to be feared.

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