A Positive Africa By: Evan Knight


Chowberry app

After growing up in Nigeria, poor and hungry, Oscar Ekponimo vowed to make sure no one had to go through what he went through as a child. Oscar became a software engineer and is the creator off the app Chowberry. Chowberry connects supermarkets to NGO's and low-income earners, allowing them to purchase foods that are about to expire at a discounted price. Oscar has seen firsthand how his app has affected many peoples lives.

Hunger is one of the prevalent problems that has been plaguing the whole entire continent of Africa. Nigeria itself is a 'food deficit' country according to the World food program. This means that Nigeria cannot provide enough food for its population. Poverty, inflation, and insecurity are major contributors to Nigeria's hunger problem. With the help of Oscar's app, many families can purchase foods at much lower coasts and offset some of the hunger problems. People in countries like North Korea, Syria and others are starving. Their countries are neglecting their people and families have to go on hungry everyday. If Oscar's app grows larger than just Nigeria it could help the hunger stricken people of countries like North Korea.


Yam Pro Energy has set out to make renewable energy out of waves in Accra, Ghana. The force of crashing waves generates a lot of energy and Yam Pro Energy is setting out to harvest that energy and make it usable for the people of Ghana. The machinery that Yam Pro Energy uses utilizes the crashing waves to harvest hydraulic pressure and turn it into electricity.

This new outlet of energy can improve the lives of many Ghana citizens. Compared to solar panels and wind turbines, the wave energy creates 40% more energy. The wave power presents many advantages as the running and maintenance cost is low, the machinery does not emit pollution, and waves are much more predictable than other energy sources. With the new wave technology from Yam Pro Energy it should lead Ghana to transition to 100% clean renewable energy by 2050. Many countries could benefit from the renewable wave energy of Yam Pro Energy. China does some of the most damage to the environment out of all other countries. China emits some of the most pollution into the atmosphere and they could greatly benefit from the renewable energy. They are trying to counteract the damages they are doing and partnering with Yam Pro Energy could be the answer for them.


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