How Did the United States Begin?

One of things that made USA a country is when the Pilgrims started the Plymouth colony in 1620. This was the third English settlement. North america was started by the people who were looking for religious freedom. KIng james 1 said that everyone in England had to apart of the church of England some people refused and they were called Separatists they were people who wanted to have an independent church. So they decided to move to a place were they could be free to practice their own religion. In time these people became known as the Pilgrims In september 1620 the Pilgrims sailed on an England ship called the Mayflower after two months of sailing they landed on the tip of cape cod and what is now massachusetts. before they went off they agreed to make plan for Governor called the mayflower compact. They wrote down rules and selected John Carver for governor. That helped North America become itself because it grew from cape cod to Massachusetts and then into somthing bigger and it made more people want to come and be free.

french and indian war

The French and Indian war was a big part of how are country is here during the 1600s and 1700s great britain france and spain fought each other to gain land. In north America great Britain and france both claimed the ohio river valley. Great britain wanted to hunt beavers and use their fur to trade and British settlers wanted to farm the rich soil. both of them could not agree which country could control these lands. The contest began the war over the land along the Ohio river this war lasted ten years Indian tribes were allies with the french to so they helped great britain even tho they lost many battles. However things changed in 1759 when British troops captured Quebec city in Canada. Finally France surrendered on one policy that they would have peace. and the british national debt had doubled by the end of the war. This helped us because are enemies were in debt. That helped the usa become the usa because later on we fight British.

George Washington became the first president in the us in 1789 this helped us because we now have a leader but not a king and then.

The Louisiana purchase was bought in 1803. what happened was we wanted the side of florida for 10 million and they said they will give us that and Louisiana so we said yes we did not know if it was big or not so luis and clark explored it and they came back and it was double the size of our country already so we ripped them off by a lot. That helped us become bigger and better and we had more land.

In 1812 we fought England for the new land we just bought. We fought this war because the British were teaming up with the Native Americans tribes by attacking the new settlers moving west. They were also raiding our ships. We had to stop this so we fought a lot of battles. Most of them were on lakes and one important one was at Washington DC. Dolly Madison saved valuables like the portrait of George Washington and she also saved the bank which held all the gold. We also fought a battle called Fort McHenry. One of are guys was on the British boat and wrote a poem that turned in to our national anthem. The war of 1812 helped the United States begin because if we lost this war we would not have won all of this land. and wold not have a national anthem.

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