Sweden is a Nordic country located next to Norway and Iceland. It has many beautiful destinations and delicious food, including the Laplands and lingonberry jam.


Sweden has some of the most beautiful landscaping and geography.

The Laplands- The laplands, located in Northern Sweden, are home to many of the most beautiful and "coolest" sites. During the day you can go hiking on the King's Trail or in the summer go fishing for salmon and artic char. This area is known for very clean air and a break from the city life in Stockholm. On the other hand, at night you can stay in one of the many ice hotels and tree hotels to watch the Northern Lights in a cloudless environment.

Southern Sweden- For a change, you could go to Southern Sweden, which is home to many lush farming areas and huge farmer's markets. It also has many rolling hills and sandy beaches.

Stockholm- If you would actually like to see people on your trip to Sweden, Stockholm is a great choice for you because it has many diverse and unique areas. It contains many opera houses, shopping areas, museums and etc. It's museums are home to some of the most well renown art from the 20th and 21st century and it's palaces are ginormous, some have over 600 rooms! But if you still want to see some nature, you're in luck because Stockholm also has many bodies of water and beautiful botanicals. Plus, this city ranges out on 14 different islands


Many Swedish traditions and cultures revolve around spending time together and eating. They have many strange holidays and even stranger food items.

Midsummer Eve- Midsummer Eve is a celebration of summer. All you have to do to participate is to be outside. Some activities that locals love to do include flower accessorizing, tug-a-war, eating and just having a fun time. It's even more popular than Christmas!

Cinnamon Bun Day- On October 4th, Swedes like to indulge themselves with cinnamon rolls. They eat them so often that every year the average person in Sweden eats 316!

Crime Novels and Fiction- In Sweden, it's common knowledge that crime fiction is the best fiction. Apparently, everyone loves Stieg Larsson's and Henning Mankell's books about detectives and solving crimes. It's even listed as a culture on Sweden's tourism website.

Swedish Meatballs- One of the most popular dishes in Sweden consists of meatballs, mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry sauce. It is widely sold at most restaurants, even Ikea sells it.

Lingonberry- Lingonberry is an extremely popular side dish that is like the Swedish ketchup/jam. It is almost like a cranberry but sweeter and found in Scandinavian forest. It also made into juice and ice cream.


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