california by gio

My state name is california.
The state animal is a grizzly bear the California grizzly bear was designated official state animal in 1953.
This is california's state motto it is called eureka
for its this is california's state bird it is called A quail it was designated as the official state bird in 1931 it is known hardiness adaptabitily
this is california's state flower it became the state flower in 1903
california's state nickname is the golden state
this is the california state insect it is called dogface butterfly
this is california's state stone it is called benitoite
the state tree is called the giant sequoia
one famous person is will smith he was born in california september 25, 1968
another famous person is adam levine he was born in california on march 18, 1979
and last is snoop dog he was born on october 20, 1971
ucla is one college located in california it was made in may 23, 1919
another college located in california is ucsd it was built in november 18, 1960.
Created By
Giovanni Lazcano


Created with images by tpsdave - "los angeles california skyline" • kevin dooley - "Hotel California" • wschwisow - "grizzly bear yellowstone"

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