1960s-TDSB By:taylar daly and Sofie burke

Dancing in the 60's

The dances that were most popular were the mash potato, Hully Gully, The monster Mash, Twist and shout. In the 1960s it was a decade that began on january 1,1960, and ended on December 31, 1969 . The term of "1960s" also refers to an era more often called the sixties, denoting the complex of interrelated cultural and political trends around the globe. A few famous dances in the sixties are The Freddie, The Frog, The Hitch-Hike, the Loco Motion,The Shimmy,The Swim.

How much stuff cost in the 60's

If you lived in the 1960s a New house would cost $15,000 and in 2012 it cost $272,200. If your car was out of gas and you were buying a gallon of gas in the 1960s it would cost $0.31 and in 2012 it would cost $3.32. In the 1960s a new car would cost $2,752 and in 2012 it cost $27,434. When you would buy a pack of gum you would have to pay $0.05 in the 1960s and in 2012 you would have to pay $1.17. If you were starving and you wanted something small to eat a Candy bar would cost $0.05 and in 2012 it cost $1.19.

1960s movies and Tv shows

In early 1960s most of the movies and tv shows were mainly black and white. When color started to show in the movies and tv shows it was in the mid 60s and later on too.The most popular movies and tv shows were Andy Griffith show,Gunsmoke, wagon train, rawhide, and the price is right.In the 1960s there movies and tv shows were mainly black and white because they didn't start making colored movies and tv shows yet. More popular tv shows and movies are The untouchables, The jack benny show, Candid camera, The real McCoys, and Have gun will travel.

Equal rights in the 60's

The 1960s were a time of change: the civil right movement as led by Martin Luther King Jr. The women's movement that was demand by equal rights.Russia beat the us into space, elvis made it to UK and the beatles made it big time. The advent of hair grew longer and birds became common and reaching.In the 1960s the movement of rights of colored people and whites were a little crazy because only colored people had to sit in the back of the bus and if a white person didn't have a spot to sit they would kick a colored person out of the seat.

1960 Cars

The 1960s saw the american automobile industry consolidating into the big three: (General motors, Ford, Chrysler), and american motors.These firms did not only dominate the sales of the 1960 cars, but the global market as well.In 1960 american companies built 93 percent of the autos sold in the united states and 48 percent of the world sales.For 1960 cars the gas for them were only $0.31.

1960s Mod Fashion

Mod fashion is one of the significant clothes wearing for boys/girls in the 60's.It arose from youth to london during the decade.Mod fashion embraced the "new" and the innovative.Garments for girls/boys became a big hit to as well as color instead of just wearing black, white, brown, grey, etc.1960s fashion was also influenced by the fashion icons of the era.

1960s Hairstyles

A bouffant or a bubble or a big hairstyle was most common for girls and for boys they usually just slick it back.The 1960s hair styles began with the big and formal hairstyle.Hairstyles reflected on the changes and became more casual and easier to maintain.Another less haircut would be a bob that is one of the most popular hairstyles.The flip started to become a big deal for hairstyles in the late 60s.

1960s housing

In 1960s a new house was $15,000.In 1960 it was a decade of political and cultural upheaval.People in the 1960s usually had to live in apartments because the houses were expensive and the bigger they are the more they are.

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