Weather & Climate Level 6-9

Introducing ETC's newest curriculum unit

ETC is excited to release our new, innovative weather and climate curriculum for lower elementary. This material was carefully designed to integrate diverse subject areas and meet national standards, all while maintaining ETC Montessori's tradition of excellence.

Fully integrated curriculum

Our fully integrated weather unit brings together many diverse curriculum areas in order to foster an all-encompassing approach to the study of climate and weather. Students will have the chance to explore the fundamental differences between weather and climate, as well as the effects these forces have on both humans and animals.

The planet's movements will be investigated as the root causes of weather and climate. Your students will also study the progression of our modern understanding of weather through time, and will learn how scientists are able to measure, predict, and depict weather on a daily basis.

Linking Weather


Functional Geography


And History

Aligned with NGSS Standards

Our team of Montessori-trained curriculum writers have worked to align our weather curriculum to meet Next Generation Science Standards while remaining true to the Montessori philosophy. The curriculum will guide you and your students to explore cross-cutting concepts such as patterns over time, cause and effect, structure and function, and stability and change, among others. Integrated STEM projects also emphasize and contextualize essential science and engineering practices.

Combining Montessori practices with current scientific research
breathtaking etc design

Our design team at ETC Montessori has created a curriculum unit that is both beautiful and informative. Stunning pictures of real-world examples help children to connect their classroom studies to the world around them, while inspiring them to learn more.

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