10 good reasons to buy an ERP:

Time Saving and Efficiency

The most important reason why ERP software is being acquired today is still the time savings and efficiency gains in business management. If you want to keep your business figures and key figures under control, you can not get around an ERP system!

Rapid growth

Your business has grown rapidly in recent times. So far, you have collected and maintained your company data in Word and Excel. But the tables and lists are not related. There is no real data system. You need an ERP!

Customer requests

So far you have been producing on "stock"; Now you are rendering your service as so-called discrete manufacturing or contract manufacturing. Your customers have requirements for production and delivery. You can not "remember" this anymore. A production supporting ERP with warehouse management would be useful.

Multiple Locations

As long as a company operates from one location, the boss can, metaphorically, always go to the workshop quickly and check whether the production runs according to schedule and whether the stock is sufficient etc. Once a company has several locations , It is appropriate to get a digital image of production and warehouse management by means of an Odoo customization software.


Your employees, who have to cope with the current IT situation on a daily basis, lose a lot of time and make unnecessary mistakes when they have to copy back and forth between different files and manually create overviews. The motivation of the staff increases after an investment in up-to-date ERP software.


Even though it may seem familiar, take an example of your successful competition. If your competitors are already using ERP software, then it will be high time for you. For example, their competitors benefit from automated bid and billing, and have the flexibility to compete in the marketplace. With an ERP system, you can keep up with the competition.


Detections About the worst thing that can happen in data management are parallel detections (duplicate entries). Because there is no central ERP software, the employees start to record everything in Excel spreadsheets. There are double registrations or double orders. An exact planning is not possible. The cost of unnecessary stock ordered increases unnecessarily. A suitable ERP is urgently needed here.


A company that is growing and looking for new projects often needs debt financing. Your investors and financiers (banks, suppliers and business partners) value it if you can provide them with well-founded, up-to-date figures from an ERP system.

Complete ERP with integrated financial accounting?

Those who switch from Excel to ERP software often do not need a complete ERP. It is often sufficient, for example, if there is an interface to a financial accounting software (eg the tax consultant). Some ERP solutions do not have integrated financial accounting and are therefore more attractively priced.

Rhetorical question

Entrepreneurs who ask us "Should I really purchase ERP software?" Are often a rhetorical question. Basically, they know for sure that they can not help but that it's time to buy an ERP. They just want to make sure once again that outsiders agree. Trust your intuition: Give your company an ERP software.

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