Shouting slogans and picking up litter: creating a clean ENVIRONMENT in nepal

Ramon is a youth reporter and volunteer currently on his placement in Nepal. Last week he took part in a campaign to raise awareness about the environment.

We conducted cleaning campaign to raise awareness on clean environment in jharuwarasi -13. We started the campaign at Jana Vikash secondary school to Bajrabarahi at 8am. It continued for two and a half hours. We delivered the program with the help of ward office, Jvm school, srijansil sewa prali. We collaborated with the school teachers and students, ward office members, powerful child club, srijansil sewa prali and local community members.

The ward president helped us with all the equipment we needed, from brooms and shovels to mics and speakers. Srijansil sewa provide us a truck to take away the litter we picked up. A lot of local people joined the event half way through with around 50 participants in total taking part. All of the participants were very interested in the program. We shouted slogans in Nepali and picked up litter.

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