Blood Phobia The hardest thing in the world, if you have a dream but the phobia prevents you to achieve it.

My name is Bashayer and my family consists of seven members two brothers and five sisters and we live with my Dad and Mom.
My Mom had a dream when I was young she was always telling me
I was hoping to become like what she wants me to be and I always work on it I studied very well and I got high grades in my school she was always happy when she saw my grades.
We have a nice habit in my family we always in the summer vacation travel to any city as a gift for us. One time when I was almost 8 years old we travel to Al Taif city with all my family even my aunts and uncles. When we arrived to Al Taif in the first day we were very happy and tired in the same time we just slept to wake up in the morning with full energy then we can go to any place.
Al Taif City
We woke up in the next day and we decided to go to Amusement to have fun. Me and all my cousins went to play car game.
During we were playing my cousin got out of his car to show us that he is strong, after a few seconds another car game came and crushed into him.
The game stopped and all kids and my aunts went to saw and helped him because he was crying and screaming. I moved away from them , I was so scared and I didn’t know what should I do, I only heard what they say about him and I saw the blood everywhere. They said that his nail was ripping, Then my uncle came to take his son to the hospital.
While they were afraid and nervous I felt a strange feeling for the first time I feel like this then I fell on the ground.
My Mom tried to wake me up but I woke up after 15 minutes. She was crying because she thought that I was die.
Then she asked me after I woke up.
My Mom was disappointed that her dream will not come true, and I will not become a doctor as she wants because unfortunately I had a blood phobia .

The End

Bashayer Al-Saedi
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bashayer al-saedi

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