Michael J. Explorers

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451. He was born in Italy.

When Columbus was a teenager he was inspired by other explores. The main explorer he looked up to was Marco Polo (NOT THE GAME MARCO POLO!!!!!!!!!!!!) Marco Polo sailed to India and brought Italy gold, food, and other needs. Some sailors believed that if they sailed east it would be faster but, Christopher Columbus sailed west thinking that it would be faster (around the world west).

He asked the king and queen of Italy to pay him to sail. the king and queen said "no" because they thought he wouldn't do what he said. So he went to another king and queen and another and another and another until one of them said "yes" so he got the money. he got food and other men. Columbus did not know America was between. Soon he took the country took the food and took their gold. The news went to the queen and the king once it did they put Columbus in jail for weeks.

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