Snobby Robot Multimedia PHOTOGRAPHY - FILM - MARKETING

We create images that capture a moment, a feeling or an idea...

These photos were taken from a family session, an engagement & an interview.


‘Downtown LA in black & white’
‘Downtown LA in color’
‘San Francisco in blue’
‘Orange County’


Hollyweb Film Festival

Hollyweb is an event I cover every year featuring screenings, panels and an awards ceremony. The bulk of my effort goes into capturing the excitement of the evening, the thrill of victory and the clothes!

I’m pretty sure they won

Even if you didn’t go home with a trophy I make sure there is at least one photo of you looking absolutely fabulous.

Who cares if you win when you look this good?
When the lights go out I go to fast lenses to capture the moment

Birthdays, Baby Showers & Baptisms

Family events are some of our most common requests because you want those most special moments to be captured in the highest quality.

‘Indie Series Awards’

The ISA’s are an annual award show in Los Angeles honoring talent in the indie community.

The open bar doesn’t stay open forever

More Events!




Fashion show & premiere

IAWTV Awards

Ribbon cutting with the mayor of Fullerton
‘A taste of nature’



The Actor’s Room

We sat down with the team behind ‘One Warm Night’ to discuss their ambitions and the genesis of ‘The Actors Room’ project.


‘Laps’ is a feature film we shot featuring a diverse cast of characters. In marketing the film to distributors we created some compelling images that attempted to tell the story of our film without the need to actually watch it. The film was picked up by Adler & Associates in 2017.

“I Don’t”

For our web series production “I Don’t” we developed a marketing plan that resulted in over 50,000 views.

“Classic Alice”

After writing a cover feature on the multimedia production ‘Classic Alice’ - story about a girl whose life seems to follow along with whatever classic novel she is currently reading - we shot and edited some composites for use as the cover image.

“The Canadian Contingent”

For Snobby Robot’s first ever magazine issue we wanted to focus on the international aspect of today’s online video revolution. Nothing spoke to this theme better than the IWCC and The Canadian independent web series movement. With dozens of Canadian creators in Las Vegas for NAB we were able to put together this cover photo including some of the major players in the movement.

Prime Clothing Company

Some branded shots for the Prime Apparel Instagram channel

“LA Beer”

For the team behind the LA Beer sitcom pilot we created a full set of materials designed to align the series visually with any top tier network sitcom. Here we took visual queues from The Big Bang Theory and craft beer packaging.




A feature film distributed by Adler & Associates.

For Laps we worked in just about every capacity you can in a film production. Featuring 120 pages of script, 6 major characters, numerous locations stretched across the LA area we shot over more than 30 days. This is where we cut our teeth planning and filming - from controlled sets to gorilla shooting on the streets of Hollywood.

“I Don’t”

Just 3 days shooting and 3 episodes, I Don’t was an exercise in short form web content with a contentious plot and a stomach turning twist. Viewers either loved it or hated it, but everyone felt something.

“Give & Take”

For Give & Take we did lighting design and cinematography. Filmed in just two locations this film was meant to be dark and mysterious.

“Love + Obsession”

Love + Obsession was designed to be an exercise in different looks and media capture formats. We lit and shot sequences using Canon dslrs, Blackmagic cinema cameras and a trusty iPhone 6+. The resulting images helped viewers differentiate between three different versions of the same story.

“Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Submission”

Oh ya, we made a Super Bowl commercial for Doritos also. They really blew it not picking this as a finalist!

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