Imperialism IMperialism is when the stronger country takes over the weaker country.

England is known to be one of the ones that took over more countries because back in the days it was known to be one of the best countries.
One of the countries they took over was India, in the 1858 which is when they finally took over completely. The British had way more powerful and more advanced army., they wanted trading and wanted India's stuff because they had coffee, cotton and tea which helped them a lot. The Indian's slowly lost their territory.
Australia was another country that they took over in 1788. There were many black people so in Australia it was more like the independence in these people. There was many racism because these people were black. New Zealand was in the way of this too but in the end they ended up taking both countries. They were kind of involved the War World 2 at the time too. In this country it was a little harder but they still won in the end.
The United States was one of the countries that took over a weaker place. The United States is known to have lots of power over time but not as much as England ever did.
Hawaii was one of the Islands that the United States took over. Hawaii become the 50th state in the U.S in 1959. They had a queen then the government took over and that's when the U.S decided to take over. The governments faught and Hawaii became an annexation. The annexation of Hawaii by the United States, people didn't like that but this didn't really change much. This is a reason why the Spanish-American war started. It was way easy to get Hawaii as a state.
In 1898, Puerto Rico was another country that U.S took over. The U.S took over the Philippians, Guam and Cuba too, during the Spanish-American war. This war had lots of people dying and the war was strong but the United States had a really good deal they won all these countries at once. At the time the Latin Americans wanted to take over Puerto Rico too but that didn't stop U.S.
The world has many crazy parts to it but we never think about how this world started but this is one of the ways this world is how it is. The countries are how they should be after these countries took over and faught hard to get their country to how it is. There were lots of deaths but that's what a war causes.


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