"I Went to a Fight and a Hockey Game Broke Out" The harsh reality of FIGHTING in ice hockey & its long term health effects

While many may view fighting in ice hockey as a form of entertainment, fans do not take the players' health and wellness into consideration.

Fights among hockey players often lead to many unnecessary physical injuries.

Hockey players can experience harsh injuries from these fights that effect their long-term health and wellness, resulting in terminal cranial issues.
By banning fighting from the sport of ice hockey in the NCAA, many unnecessary injuries can be avoided, preventing the players from receiving so many devastating, consequential health problems in the future.

While fans may enjoy the adrenaline that a fight gives during a game, they often neglect to realize the negative effects the fights have on the players involved.

There are always two sides to every situation, and with this one, the consequences are at too high of a risk to not take action.

Created By
Hannah Desilva


Created with images by theUdødelig - "GO BEES GO!" • indi.ca - "Solar Eclipse Through Brain Scan"

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