Love is a Rose Garden valentine's day

For some Valentine's Day is seen as "Singles Awareness Day" and others see it as a "sham by card companies to make more money off the innocent". Crazy right? Of course that is negative thinking, and let me explain to you all why...

The best way I can say is see Valentine's Day as a Rose Garden. Why do you ask? Let me explain.

Consider yourself a rose. A rose is beautiful and has so much meaning to everyone. Roses symbolize love, friendship, sorrow, and cheer. Sometimes a rose has thorns and can hurt those intended or not. Sometimes life will clip us down or prune our branches in order to survive longer. We need attention but can survive the harshest conditions. Sometimes we come in groups or come alone, but no matter what just receiving one is an amazing experience. Now consider when someone provides nurturing, nourishment, and attention. That rose grows and grows, sometimes more roses will grow surrounding it. Soon you will find yourself with an entire bush of roses, each more beautiful than the next.

How does this relate to me you ask? Easy! You sometimes don't find love right away. It is on you to love yourself no matter what. Life will throw in curveballs but as long as you love yourself, you will continue to grow. When you love yourself, you tend to blossom. When you blossom others see this and come to admire. Soon you will find yourself surrounded by friends and soon enough a partner in life. The more you share your love and care, provide nourishment to your relationship, you too will grow from a single rose to a bush.

"You can't love someone if you don't love yourself"
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Joseph Hernandez

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