Laughter Day / Anna Sokol & Natalia Kozina / 2 May / 19.30 CET F E S T I V A L / 2 0 2 1

Givin School conducts a wholesome stage by stage method that teaches awareness and increases the speed of transformation on the way to full Enlightenment. One side of it is releasing all the tensions that we collect in our body and psyche. These tensions are blocking the free flow of the vital energy that goes through our body and connects us with the boundless Cosmic source.

Laughter therapy is an easy, natural, and fun way of liberating our whole being on all levels. We invite you to discover a completely new and unknown type of laughter, coming from the depth of your nature and awakening consciousness.

Anna Sokol and Natalia Kozina will gladly guide you through the blissful laughter :)

Did you miss out on Laughter Day? Here is your second chance!


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