Strataca Kansas Underground Salt Museum

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Strataca, the salt museum, is located in Hutchinson, KS. It is exactly 650 feet underground.

This picture shows a model of how miners were able to get the salt up to the surface.

The salt that is in the salt mines was formed about 275 million years ago when the Permian Sea dried up.

The purest portion of the salt vein is located 650 feet underground and is still mined there today.

Strataca has access to about 300,000 square feet of the mined out area of salt.

This is a visual that shows you where you are in relation to streets and the rest of the mined land.

Salt was discovered by Ben Blanchard in 1887 just southwest of Hutchinson.

Ben was drilling for oil and discovered salt instead.

Emerson Carey opened The Carey Salt Mine in 1923.

This salt mine is still in use and the original salt mine shaft is still used by miners today.

The Carey Salt Mine is now known as the Hutchinson Salt Company. Over 500,000 tons of rock salt is removed each year.

The salt mined from this mine is used primarily to de-ice roads across the nation.

This truck was used to travel in the salt mines. Much of the equipment in the salt mines required constant maintenance so miners created a permanent maintenance shop that housed all of their equipment and vehicles.
Both of these pictures show different equipment that miners used to use to mine salt.

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs visited the salt mines in 2006. He joined Myron Marcotte, the Hutchinson Salt Company's Underground Mining Supervisor, as they explored the mining operations.

Hutchinson is known as the"Salt City" now.

Strataca, formerly known as The Underground Salt Museum, opened to the public May 1, 2007.

The front page of the Hutchinson News when The Underground Salt Museum first opened. This shows the comparison of how far down the salt museum is compared to the Statue of Liberty and the St. Louis Arch.

In January 2008, the salt museum was voted one of the "Eight Wonders of Kansas".

Watch this video to get an inside look at the Salt Museum from Tonya Gehring, the Strataca Operations Manager.

By: Kaylee Nelson

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