Welcome to the Future of Leadership Initiative! Mastering the Grand Challenges of Leadership. Together.

How will our world look like in five, ten or twenty years from now? How can leadership create impact in an increasingly complex, fast changing and ambiguous environment? And how prepared do you feel to take the lead in the future?

Have you ever wondered about these questions? Then, you are exactly at the right place!

The Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI) brings together business executives, global thought leaders and highly-talented students of all ages and professional backgrounds. We believe that the combination of different perspectives has the power to generate smart ideas and valuable solutions to the big questions of leadership. Join us on the forefront of leadership!

Collaboration amongst diverse and exceptional people has the power to generate extraordinary outcomes. Together with our community and partners, we select the most pressing issues of leadership, distill the most relevant aspects and join forces in an exciting co-creation process. Our common goal is to convert the Grand Challenges of Leadership into valuable insights, inspiring visions, and future-proof strategies. In the past, we worked on big questions such as: How can we create meaning at work? How can leadership create an innovation ecosystem? What is the future vision of the Generation Y?

FLI cooperates with leading educational institutions to provide their top talents with an opportunity to learn about leadership and meet senior executives as well as global thought leaders. Young talents cannot only learn from the experiences of senior executives, but also bring unique knowledge and ideas to the table. For instance, their deep understanding and effortless handling of technologies are key assets for any organization in the digital era. By facilitating meaningful interactions between current and future leaders, we create an environment of mutual learning and inspiration.

Leadership is about winning active supporters for desirable goals. This requires a possibility for personal growth, the capability to shape communities as well as the development of societal foresight. Leadership is not only a tool, but a life-long learning process. It is our goal to establish a high-quality network, in which mutual trust, learning and inspiration provide continuous benefits for leadership enthusiasts of all career stages.

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Everything we do is based on the insights and support of global thought leaders.

Past supporters of FLI:

Together with our community, we selected two Grand Challenges of Leadership to tackle in 2018/2019!

Now, we are looking for corporate partners, leadership teams and talented students who are eager to explore these Grand Challenges of Leadership with us!


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Laura Bechthold (Executive Director FLI)


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