How can petunias have a vary of colors? Hannah Arnold

Information about them

Easy to grow

Bloom from spring to frost

How they get the different colors is because of the poor correlation between the genotype and phenotype. There are two different ways that this happens.

Genotype will not produce exactly the same array of anthocyanins

Flower color is a very complex characteristic that involves chemical interaction of two different flavonid.


Anthocyanins means blue/violet/red flavonoid pigment in the plant

Flavonoid means any of a large class of plant pigments having a structure based on or similar to that of flavone

Flavone means a colorless crystalline compound that is the basis of a number of white/yellow plant pigments

Four sub questions

How could this variation arise from natural selection in the population? What kind of mutation would have to occur for this variation to happen in the first place? How is this variation a positive factor? Negative factor? How could you increase the visibility of the trait, make it more exaggerated?

The variation arose from the amount of anthocyanins in the flower. A mutation that is affecting the anthocyanins is an insertion. It is a positive because the flowers are able to get pollinated by different birds and bees. You can increase the visibility of the trait by increasing the amount of anthocyanins.


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