Clouds By-Ethan Buck

Stratus Clouds

These clouds look like a big grey blanket and occurs lower or around 2000meters. If these clouds are in the sky it means it's going to rain or snow.

Nimbostratus clouds look like a darker Stratus clouds that occur around or below 2000 meters. These clouds mean it is going to rain or snow.
Cumulus Clouds look like cotton balls and occur around 1000 meters. With these clouds in the sky it means there is going to be little to no rain.
Altostratus clouds occur between 2000 and 7000 meters they look like thin layers were light can be seen. In thicker Altostratus clouds rain may occur.

Altocumulus clouds

They occur between 2000 and 6100 meters and look like small layered cotton balls. These clouds do not pose a threat of rain.

Cumulonimbus clouds are tall solid clouds occurring at altitudes up to 12000 meters. These clouds signify that thunderstorms may occur.
Cirrocumulus clouds occur between 6000 and 12000 meters and look like small, patched clouds, in rows. These clouds may produce viga precipitation.
Cirrus Clouds occur around 6000 meters and look like thin wispy strands. These clouds signifies no precipitation.
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