Nurse anesthetist Anesthesia

Job description

Getting the patient calm and sleep during surgical procedure

Education requirements

To be a nurse anesthetist you need to have at least a master's also need to be a licensed registered nurse to be a nurse in the state. You also need to pass the national certification exam.


The skills needed for this occupation are: leadership skills, interpersonal skills because you would be working with patients sometimes by yourself. Most important skill needed are critical thinking skills because you need to take appropriate actions if healthcare is needed.


You need hands on practice to get acute care. It is required to be a nurse anesthetist. You need at least a year or so in your degree you will get a better chance to get into a program to be a nurse anesthetist.

Yearly pay

The average pay of a nurse anesthetist is between $138,000 - $177,000 per year for a certified nurse anesthetist.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of being a nurse anesthetist is the amount of money you get per year. There are many disadvantages in being a nurse anesthetist and a nurse in general. There is workplace violence, short staffing, long working hours because of short staffing, and the environment could be hazardous.

Why did I choose this career?

I choose this carrier because it seems more attainable and I like the idea of being a nurse. The amount of pay is also good to support a family.

Why would you think you would be a good fit in this career?

I would be a good fit because I am fit for a STEM career. I am excellent at biology and I work hard.

What attracts you the most to this career?

The satisfaction of helping others and saving lives in a way that have little pressure.

What are you concerns about in this career?

It concerns me that I may not accomplish being a nurse anesthetist. That I couldn't finish college and get a lot of stress.

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