When I first self harmed May be triggering.

The first time I self harmed was about four years ago . Me and my dad were sorting out my room ,My dad told me to put the books into a pile. Which I did,but apparently I didn't put them in the way he wanted and he started shouting at me. It was loud. My dad shouted at me " I really dislike you at the moment!" I got upset, not because of my dad, but after the voices were screaming at me and telling me to hurt myself and my parents were better of without me so I got a sharp Combe out of my dresser and started to hack away at my arm. I couldn't feel any pain, the teeth of the comb felt soft ,so because it wasn't hurting me, I don't know when to stop about two minutes later I look down at my arm and see that it's is red and bloody. I don't want my parents to see it so I go into the bathroom and wash the blood off and out sudocreme on it but my dad saw my arm and told my mum. My dad said I needed help and I was just a "little girl who didn't like being told off"

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