Vietnam War BY Adrian Kim

Beliefs And Values

The cause of the Vietnam war can be simple traced back to the beliefs and opinions that the Americans held Towards. The Americans felt if the didn't do something that communism would spread all through Southern Asia. The United states and Russia did not have enough money or funding to feed another large scale war. Instead China supplied Northern Vietnam (Vietcong) with all supplies for a War in the jungle. This left America No choice but to prepare for war and try to accommodate the debt that it would create. North Vietnam tried to fight against and claim Vietnam all for them selves.

Time Line

Warfare Tactics

In this expansive war guerrilla warfare was extremely effective and the communist used this tactic the most. Guerrilla warfare is when groups of people use stealth and hiding tactics to surprise and take out there enemy. The Vietcong would also pose as citizens and farmers just to gain an edge on the U.S military. Also the Vietcong military would scavenge explosives from dud booms the Americans dropped. It seems the Vietcong were very dirty and scrappy fighters

Home front?

On the home front for America there were a lot of anti-war marches and protests trying to extinguish the conflict. Most of these protests were lead by democratic universities. Also the political consequences after the war would be felt for generations.


Music could really bring people together no matter there race, wealth, and makes everyone equal.

What a great way to blow off steam after the most stressful days of your life

In the Vietnam war era the music was in most cases was really intend for peaceful protests. In some of the music it described what is happening in the war. For example some of the songs would talk about different branches of the military and there involvement. Some of these songs include The Ballad of the Green Berets, The Yellow Beret, and into the Jungle.


Vietcong Propaganda

Propaganda at this time went both ways, towards the American and against. The images above show case propaganda that was implemented in the war. All of these images are trying to bash the Americans. These were all very effective in the emotional side of warfare.

Protests- Protests against the war started after the Americans started dropping booms on the Vietcong. It was very low-key initially but when the Students for Democratic Society chipped in it escalated. Then large scale movements against the war started in peaceful protests. This lasted the majority of the war. In one case of a ridiculously large protest, 100,000 people gathered outside the Lincoln memorial.


The Vietnam war was of the most publicized wars in history. Many photographers went to Vietnam to capture the true nature of war. Authors such as C. Douglas Elliot were famous with there combat photography. This gave the people at home a true perspective of what these young men went through.


In America the economic backlash was quite significant. It is estimated that America spent around $168 billion into the war. That's just the cost, not including the loss of life that the veterans that where lost in Vietnam

Government and Foreign Policy

After the war the government created a volunteer only army without the draft. The war powers resolution was also passed. This meant that the president can only send so many troops without congressional approval. The war also caused America to more cautiously intrude into other countries problems. This war gave all of our policies a chin check.

Draft- After the war veterans came back everyone questioned how we would handle wars in the future and gave everyone the chance to see what the draft can actually do. The draft age is 18 between 25 for only males. On average a third of all the troops that fought in the Vietnam war were drafted into service. The average age of an American troop during the war was 22 years old. This draft caused major hysteria and protest across America. The draft also lowered the national voting age to 18 years of age. My Grandpa was drafted at the age of 19 to fight in the war.

Family Roles- Just about everyone in the United states was affected by the war not just the brutalized soldiers. Families had to function without them for months which would be very difficult. The mother would have to take place at the head of the house and work very hard. Many of the children that were old enough to work had to help the family with money. Some kids were put to work before even there teenage years.

Re-integration into society

With the one million troops coming back society was unsure on what to do. What had America planned to do with over one million people coming back very quickly. The suicide and drug problem rates for the Vietnam veterans were far higher than veteran today. The reason being PTSD was still a newer concept with little studies done. Around 15 to 25 percent of the veterans suffered from stress induced trauma. The veterans were trying to fit in a society that has already moved on. Jobs were hard to find after the war, families maybe didn't except veterans back, and even some had to resort to living on the streets.

Purpose- The U.S got involved in the Vietnam war to aid Frances efforts in keeping south Vietnam from being taken over. The northern part of Vietnam was predominantly communist ruled (Vietcong). The Northern side threatened to capture the southern side once in for all. In the end the war was settled with a peace treaty signed by both parties. There really seems to be no new conflict in this area, but instead communism and it's issued have moved else where

Race Inequality

In the war troops didn't only take fire from the enemy but also the Allie. The Asian American troops suffered the worst from this harassment. This harassment would be through slurs, fight, and getting shot at. The Nurses reported many cases of Asian American troops mistreatment. Since the Segregation movements had happened so recently there really didn't seem to be much conflict with the whites and blacks. The real mistreatment happened to the Asian Americans in the war.


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