Atheist Discrimination

You may think that atheists are never discriminated against but as this shirt shows it is nowhere near true. One misconception is that atheism is a religion, atheism is not a religion, it is a lack of religion

As you can clearly see there are definitely some places atheists are heavily discriminated against.

As you can see in this picture people are less likely to elect an atheist than they are to elect any other person of a religion.

Both of these people were jailed for more or less just displaying their atheism

Some people think that atheists are devil worshippers and that we are evil. This is nowhere near the truth. Just because someone isn't the same religion as you doesn't mean that they are evil. We are discriminated against just because of our lack of religion. No one should be discriminated against. For any religion they may be.

Just watch the reaction they get from people. In all, atheists are not evil and we don't worship the devil. We are just normal people who don't believe in a higher power.

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