The river Jim Harrison

Yes, we'll gather by the river,

the beautiful, the beautiful river.

They say it runs by the throne of God.

This is where God invented fish.

Wherever, but then God's throne is as wide

as the universe. If you're attentive you'll

see the throne's borders in the stars. We're on this side

and when you get to the other side we don't know

what will happen if anything. If nothing happens

we won't know it, I said once. Is that cynical?

No, nothing is nothing, not upsetting just

nothing. Then again maybe we'll be cast

at the speed of light through the universe

to God's throne. His hair is bounteous.

All the 5,000 birds on earth were created there.

The firstborn cranes, herons, hawks, at the back

so as not to frighten the little ones.

Even now they remember this divine habitat.

Shall we gather at the river, this beautiful river?

We'll sing with the warblers perched on his eyelashes

Title prediction: I believe the poem could be about a river or something that happens in or around a river.


They'll get together by a river they think is beautiful.

It flows because of God.

God made fish there.

God exists everywhere.

If you believe, you'll believe he's there.

We're alive and when we pass and are with him we don't know what will happen.

We don't know if nothing happens.

Is that distrustful?

The fact that there's nothing shouldn't upset you, it's just nothing.

Then again maybe we'll join God quickly.

His hair is plentiful.

All life was created there.

Ones that have been there stay away so they don't scare the new ones.

They remember Heaven.

Will we go there?

They'll sing with God.

Connotation: The poem talks about a beautiful river, but implies that it may be a word used to describe Heaven. It says the river was beautiful, and that there was fish invented there. It describes God's hair.

Tone: The tone is very peaceful and relaxing, it talks about a river and how beautiful it is. It talks about the other side which actually would deal with death but the tone doesn't switch to sad or melancholy.

Shifts: The author shifts from talking as if it is a normal river, to comparing it to Heaven. He calls it a beautiful river and speaks of fish, then talks about the other side, also known as Heaven.

Title: I think that he isn't actually talking about a river in the poem and that it's really describing Heaven.

Theme: The subject of the poem is a "river" that is compared to the other side, which is also known as or believed to be Heaven. The author calls it a very beautiful place and tells of how some things work there and before you get there. It talks of passing away and being transferred to Heaven.

Mood: The mood of the poem is very restful and undisturbed. It's not happy or upbeat but it's content.


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