A Day in Flex Mod Pulaski hiGh school April 27, 2016

Students arrive between 6:00 & 7:35 AM. Our learning sessions or mods are 30 minutes in length. We communicate time frames via 51 monitors. Only two bells exist during the day. Before and after homeroom.

Monitors provide guidance with movement.

Large Group: multiple teachers engaged in direct instruction to a large group of students.

Labs: 25-30 students receiving instruction, individual guidance, and collaboration time.

Small Groups: time for students and instructors to ask and answer questions, discuss concepts, and implement ideas.

PLT: personal learning time. Students may chose one of our academic areas or "the commons". Each serves students with a specific purpose. We trust students to learn how to manage their time with the resource are that they need at that particular time.

Academic Resource Center
The Commons

Homeroom: Once a day, students check in with their homeroom teacher. Each day provides a different opportunity for connection. On this day students were checking in with their homeroom teacher specifically on their academic success. If the academic success is not up to par, appropriate measures are taken such as back scheduling. Students' schedules and exact times and place students need to be in during their PLT are established.

Homeroom Connections

Schedules: Teachers are able to "phase" their class with seven mods in the configuration they feel is best for their content area.

Teacher Schedules.
English Resource Teacher Availability 

Personal Writing Conferences: During English Resource Time, teachers are able to provide insight into personal writing by students. While this is specifically spot lighting English, resources always have content teachers available for individual student help.

We believe time should serve students instead of students serving time. The Flex Mod schedule allows for this exact thing!

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