Tour of the Harn Spark Story BY BARIS YILDIRIM

Medium of the Art: Many pieces of art better helped me understand their purposes, but none more so than the illusion art of the trees in the lines. Seeing it first hand really applies the mental effect the artist was aiming for for their audience, that they wouldn't get from a picture. It's so colossal in size and complexity. What I found to be so striking was the ability to make something so detailed like that on such a large scale. It made me question my train of thought and the perspective at which I look at certain things. A definite thought provoker.

Art and Core Values: This depiction of fireworks really spoke to one of my inner core values of celebration and freedom both mentally and spiritually. This artist gave me a new perspective in not just doing them on my own, but perhaps lighting them off and celebrating that experience with other people I value, to make it that much more special and memorable. It instills happiness in me and helps me better understand why I do fireworks, to celebrate and cherish times with my friends and loved ones and eventually go out with a bang.

Design of the Museum: I found the exhibits pertaining with all the drawing on the walls the most fascinating.The sheer structure of the pillars makes you question the reason for the architecture and makes you feel as if you're in a sort of maze leading you from one section to the other, eventually allowing you to get lost in the art itself. It made me feel more in tune with the architect's thoughts and their mindsets on why to build such an exhibit the way they did.

Art and the Good Life: This specific piece of artwork brought about to me the idea of enlightenment and the quest that comes along with attaining it. The house's different rooms are different paths, choices, and experiences that different individuals face to reach their own sets of enlightenment, in learning and benefiting more and more from their previous mistakes. I can appreciate this theme more now that I know that attaining that state of happiness shouldn't be too complex and that no matter what path I choose, I will end up on the right path through trial and error and learn from my downfalls.

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