ADVICE NEEDED Heimlich maneuver

Dear Friends,

I am not sure whether I have been hoodwinked or just a victim of circumstance. However, I need good advice as quick as possible.

This is the genesis of the scenario. I went to the gym to do my usual workout but in the process, I sprained my thigh, so I decided to throw in the towel. With time on my hand, I decided to pop by my mate’s house. The house lights were on but his car wasn’t there, so I decided to press the doorbell to say a quick hello to his wife. After a few presses of the bell with no response, I started to limp back to my car. The door opens and my mate's wife apologised for the delay, it was obvious she was in no position to have answered considering she was in her bathrobe. She invited me in and informed me that my friend will be arriving in a couple of minutes.

I sat down as she turned on the television to keep me company while my mate arrives. Asking me about my family, she grabs a carrot of the dining table and took a bite. Within seconds, I saw her eyes pop while she was gasping for breath. I jumped to the rescue and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre. I held just below her chest and started the procedure, totally forgetting my injury. My leg gave way and we both fell to the floor. Her bathrobe was now undone and her mother-nature hung loose. As my luck would have it, the front door opens and my mate walks in. I will leave the rest to your imagination. I left the house with two black eyes, a broken tooth and nasty limp.

My mate refuses to talk to me and I don’t know how to get the £5000 loan I gave him. Please advise.


The Unknown Writer

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