Harriet Tubman by ricardo n

Early Life

Harriet Tubman was born on 1920. She was a young slave when she was a small child. Tubman was a nursemaid. She had to take care of her boss's child, and if she felt asleep while taking care of the child, she would get whipped by her boss. Harriet Tubman, from a very young age, was determined to have her freedom.

Harriet Tubman's Accomplishments

One of the most memorable accomplishment Tubman has done was The Under Ground Railroad. Tubman managed to make 19 trips back and forth from the North and the South with out getting caught. She seed that she has managed to pass about 300 people and never lost one on the journey.


One quality people remember about Harriet Tubman is an abolitionist who was a brave woman to do what she did. One major thing that people also know about her is that she was an ex-slave that escaped and later on helped about three thousand people.


Harriet Tubman died in 191 3 and people went to her funeral to pay respects for her.


Harriet Tubman was a big influence for a lot of people because she was a brave woman who risked her life to save other people. Tubman inspires me because i would love to help people out just like she did. One thing that she had that i want to have is courage because she tried her best to free most of the slaves she could.


In conclusion, Harriet Tubman was one brave woman that southerners wanted to kill her because she was helping slaves escape and many whites disliked her for that.

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