Coding: An Itch Every Teacher Can Scratch

Coding Task 1: Animate Your Name/Phrase

We are going to start by jumping right in to coding. The three basics we are going to demo are: Events, Sprites, and Backgrounds. Then your task is to animate your name, phrase, or funny saying. Click on the button below to the Scratch website.

We have created logins for you under our teacher account. You are going to log in on the top right with: iPDX1-iPDX20 and the password: portland. All case sensitive. Then you can go on your way to experimenting and iterating.

10 Block Challenge

What can you create using these 10 Scratch blocks?

- When this Sprite is Clicked

- Repeat X times

- Wait X seconds

- Play sounds until done

- Set size to X

- Hide

- Show

- Say for X seconds

- Glide X secs to X:--- Y:---

- Go to X:--- Y:---

Use them once, twice, or multiple times, but use each block at least once! You can only use those 10. You'll need to think outside of the box. There are millions of cool, unthought of ways to use these blocks!

Why Code?

The IT field is set to expand by 12% from 2014-2024, faster than most other occupations. - New York Times

Scratch Educator accounts make student management so much easier.

"The Dream"

To get elementary students familiar enough with the basics of Scratch that they could use it as an option to projects within any subject.

"The Reality"

Teachers are already overwhelmed by new initiatives and time restraints to teach coding in addition to other core subjects.

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