It's doesn't matter by how people want to see you. It matter what's inside. This quote means to not let someone control you're life by how they see you. People wi.l try to push you in the wrong direction and steer you down a road you can't escape.
Here's why I'm a good person. Because I listen" (84).

People today, some people think they can't keep anything to themselves. Many people take some things to conclusion and cannot have a filter. This sometimes maybe be bad or good. Then when you might want to tell someone something they might not take it correctly or serious.

"They're all disappointed. Everyone wants me to be the next Lance Armstrong" (138).

This quote could be significant to many other situations. If people want to be like you don't let it hold you down. Always do everything for yourself and push yourself to the bEst.Don't DOUBT yourself, and don't stop yourself to SUCCESS.

"It's like having a passenger into car who suddenly grabs the steering wheel and turns you down a side street" (84).

People are wanting you to listen to what they are going through or their story. But they aren't willing to listen to you. Listening to someone's story could give a person a impact in their life and could show them you as a great person.

"She may have said it, but she couldn't have meant it" (158).

Someone could tell you SOmething that they mAyBe going Through. SHe/ he may tell you that they are okay but they really AREN'T.soMeone may notice they AREN'T okay, but show them that they are a champ bY what they maybe going through. Show them not to bring themselves down cause they might not be FAMOUS or poPular. Someone cares about Them.

"Not all dogs return as men, they say; only those who are ready. I am ready." (82).


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