Oakfield News Issue 74 14th November 2020

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Note from our Head

I thought I would just share an image with you this week. I am delighted to say that all the above (with the exception of Spring - but perhaps we can substitute Autumn instead) have been alive, well and abundantly evident in our children and school community this week. We have even had some beautiful sunshine to show off the stunning autumnal colours all around us.

Wishing you happy, safe weekends with maybe the opportunity to be outside, take a walk in the Autumn leaves, 'look up' as Winnie the Pooh is doing in the picture and enjoy some family time.

Moyra Thompson

New OAFs Chair

I am delighted to introduce Tshay Adjei as the new Chair of our PTA!

Tshay is a Year 1 parent who runs her own Private Concierge business so is used to organising events and experiences.

She is excited about taking on the role of Chair, and looks forward to working alongside the Committee to find innovative ways of moving OAFS forward, adapting to these challenging times.

I am sure you will join me in wishing Tshay every success, welcoming and supporting her fully as she takes on this role.

Sylvia Prince, OAFs Chair 2019-20


This week, Lower Foundation have been using their big, loud, clear speaking voices to express a time when they were brave. Linking to Remembrance Sunday and the history of the brave soldiers, the children reflected on their own pasts. We definitely have lots of brave children in Lowers….

‘I was brave when I went to the doctors for an injection.’
‘I was brave when I fell off my bike.’


Dear Parents/Carers,

This week we have been looking at Religions around the world. The children loved learning about the religious symbols, special books and places of worship related to a range of faiths. We loved learning about the story of Diwali and how Hindus celebrate it, and even made our own Diva lamps out of clay! In addition, we have thought about the many soldiers who have bravely fought in battles to keep us all safe to mark Remembrance Day. It was so lovely to hear how the children have been discussing this at home with their families. We have looked at lots of digraphs this week, including, th, ch and qu. Please support your children to recognise these if you see them in your environment.

In Maths, we have been combining two amounts to find the total! This has been a good challenge and the children have really enjoyed this introduction to addition. We have used all your acorns and conkers (thank you so much for those) as counters and the children have been amazing having a go at writing number sentences.

They were so happy to wear yellow to celebrate Children in Need and we have had lots of conversations about the importance of helping people less fortunate than ourselves.

With best wishes,

Miss Treppass and Mrs. Barrett Nnochiri

The Upper Foundation Team

Year 1

This week, Year One were lucky to have Perform put on a workshop called ‘Healthy Me’. The children discussed the 5 different food groups, played some games and learnt a fantastic rap about being healthy.

Year 2


Year 2 had great fun in Maths using tape measures to measure one another. They have gained confidence using a 30cm ruler and now, 2m tape measures.

“Wow, you are taller than one metre! That’s over 100cm!”, Jacob.
“Your shoe is 14cm, that’s big!”, Zara
“Let me see if you are taller than my sister.” Oliver
A pleasure you can't measure!



In English the children became journalists for the day, at the ‘Oakfield Express’. They questioned the unfortunate people who were caught up in the Great Fire of London.

Journalist ‘James Abdi’ managed to speak to one of the doctors who confirmed he was able to save many people!

Journalist ‘Hannah Kaldau’ was lucky enough to speak to Thomas Farriner, the baker. She discovered this is where the fire started.

Journalist 'Jeff Brierley’, tells the Oakfield Express, this is the worst fire London has ever seen! It has destroyed 13,200 houses and 84 churches!

The children planned their newspaper reports before rewriting their final copy and sending it to the press!

In Topic the children wrote about Remembrance Day and drew some very poignant pictures to depict the special day

Oakfield Express Yourself


Mexican food creations!



In English this week, Year 3 used drama and role play to help them get into their new book called 'The Diary of A Killer Cat'

They created a ‘conscience alley’ to help them decide if Tuffy the cat really was a murderous baddie or just a cat going about his cat business! They each said out loud Tuffy’s thoughts as he/she crawled past after reading the events of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's diary entries.

In groups, then they discussed what might happen on Thursday and will write Thursday's diary entry in their extended write double English lesson later in the week!


Today we looked at the results of our egg shell/tooth enamel experiment. Without any brushing, all of the drinks, except water, made some colour change on the egg shell (acting as tooth enamel) but the orange juice and the coffee also weakened the egg shell and caused them to break/crack.

We then learnt more about plaque and how this can stick to and rot our teeth. We used reveal tablets to reveal plaque and practised brushing our teeth for 2 minutes using good brushing techniques.


Year 4 were visited by Erik Erickson who transported the children into the Viking era, they learnt about Viking invasions, Saxon Kingdoms, art, law and religion. The children were able to see, touch, smell and wear artefacts from the period including safe replicas of weapons and armour!

I vike today!


Friday Maths Challenge


ISA Limitless Series for KS2

Sign up the the ISA Limitless Skills Series - find out by clicking button below

Please use our unique school invite code 28838 when registering

Our 1st Oakfield competitor!

We are also inviting nominations from Oakfield children to be considered for ISA Athlete of the Term which will be awarded based on their sporting achievements or sporting effort this term despite the current challenges. If you would like to nominate a child for this award, which is affiliated to the ISA and will be voted on via their social media channels, please email bgolden@oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk


Dear musical meanderers,

Composer of the Week this week is the nineteenth-century giant of classical music, opera and ballet and one of Russia's favourite sons; Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Swan Lake and the Nutcracker are two of his most enduring creations and continue to be performed around the world - especially around Xmas time!


Go Ape Xmas Card Competition

For children aged 5-10 there is a new Christmas Card design competition from GoApe with some awesome prizes thrown in. Find more details below and you can upload your deisgn by clicking the link below. The deadline is on 18th November i.e. very soon! Good luck!!

Story Explorers

This week, the National Literacy Trust are excited to launch a brand-new children’s radio and podcast series, alongside Pixiu, called Story Explorers! The series, hosted by CBBC’s Ben Shires, sees primary school children interviewing top authors each week all about their work and the stories they love, and playing fun games!

Perfect for 7 to 11-year-olds, you can listen to Story Explorers on weekdays at 6.15pm on the national children’s radio station Fun Kids.

ISA Design a T-Shirt Competition

The ISA T-Shirt Design Competition is a great opportunity for pupils to work to a brief in creating a sporting t-shirt that represents the ISA values. Pupils are invited to design the images for the Limitless t-shirt which will then be used as prizes for our National competitions. Show off your awesome graphic design talents by creating a one-of-a-kind t-shirt with an ISA Sport theme

The competition is open now and deadline for submissions is 26th November. Good luck!


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